ax-lightness Thorax SSM


The Thorax Spine Support Module is a spine support that guides the back from the base of the pelvis to the shoulders and is used for support during extended periods of standing or sitting, while running or lifting.

Thanks to the alignment and construction, our system manages to dynamically and actively stabilise the entire torso. The carbon frame ensures optimal bearing load distribution when lifting and carrying heavy loads as well as when carrying backpacks or other loads carried on the back. 

Thanks to the anatomical structure, a targeted muscle strain of all muscle groups is achieved with the highest possible safety for the spine. An upright posture during all types of movement thus contributes to stabilisation.

Through the active guidance of the spine in the system, rotational movements of the torso are dynamically controlled and the spine is protected against rotational damage. The muscles are stimulated to work actively, resulting in significantly higher utilisation of the torso muscles. In doing so, the active system provides special protection for the affected joints.

The shoulder girdle, spine, pelvis and hip are subjected to anatomical stress, resulting in better force distribution and thus a body posture that reduces strain.

ax-lightness Thorax SSM Wirbelsäulenstütze

  1. Shoulder straps
  2. Back guide
  3. Closures & straps
  4. Clips
  5. Chest plate
  6. Pelvic band

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