The RIGID represents a true masterpiece of German engineering. It is based on our many years of experience in the construction of high-strength, ultra-light carbon components.

Its ingenious construction and design allow the symbiosis of maximum strength and minimum weight. For this purpose we have had to come up with new manufacturing processes with utmost attention having been paid to a material-appropriate construction and optimal use of the fiber. That way in countless hours of manual work, the use of the latest materials and our autoclave technology we create real works of art as well as a very serious high-performance part.

The carbon body of the Rigid is executed in a rectangular profile to give the stem maximum torsional rigidity. It is entirely made in one piece to make maximum use of the potential of the fibers thanks to the continuous fiber flow.
Unidirectional carbon stripes run diagonally across the entire corpus from the bolting flaps of the bar clamp up to those of the fork steerer clamp. The carbon body itself dispenses with metallic inserts. All boltings are exposed and external in flaps.
The clamping sections for the handlebar and fork steerer clamps are reinforced with additional 3K carbon fabric layers to absorb and better distribute the clamping forces that occur here.

An effort that pays off: despite its featherweight, the Rigid is significantly stiffer than conventional lightweight aluminum stems. Thanks to its high stability, it is approved up to 100 kg rider weight and can be used both on the road bike and mountain bike.

Thanks to its intelligent construction and the special properties of the fiber material, the Rigid offers noticeable self-damping, allowing it to maneuver with maximum precision while at the same time not tiring the hands and upper body.

The Rigid starts from weights of 66 grams.

It is complemented by black anodized aerospace-grade aluminum clamping barrel nuts and high-strength, black titanium screws - made in Germany as well - to yield a high stability as well as stealthy and noble appearance.

In addition to our well-known version with one-piece handlebar clamping plate and rear screw connection, we now for 2018 also offer a version with two separate clamps for the handlebar clamping that are comfortably tightened from the front.

The clamps are made of high-strength aluminum directly derived from motorsport and are elaborately rolled, CNC-milled and then anodized to offer the handlebar the best possible and most secure connection.

All these measures result in a very light and safe product and the stem with eventually the world's best STW value!

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