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Whether high-tech bicycles or high-quality components for Formula 1: The quality and unique character of these parts are primarily influenced by a unique, highly advanced manufacturing process.

From the initial idea to the finished product – beginning with a skilled development department to the finished production component made of complex fibre composite materials – ax-lightness offers you everything under one roof.
No machine is capable of working as perfectly, precisely and reliably as the people who create the unique specimens from ax-lightness manufacturing. Nearly every part is hand crafted, with the aid of a few, hand-picked mechanical processes. And even during the final inspection at the end of the production process, we trust the eyes, ears and instincts of our experienced employees.

This is how we guarantee that our products are tailored to the special demands of our individual customers. This is how we bring out the best characteristics of any material. And this is how we satisfy the our customers' demanding requirements when it comes to exclusivity, precision, quality and design.

The typical project workflow at ax-lightness is divided into the following steps:

Idee: Die Grundidee für ein Produkt – bei Kunden existieren häufig bereits CAD-Dateien.Konzeption: ax-lightness erarbeitet ein induviduelles Machbarkeits- und Fertigungskonzept.Vorbereitung: Fertigungsspezifische Optimierung der Bauteile, Auslegung und Erstellung eines Ply Books.Konstruktion: Herstellung von Werkzeugen, Vorrichtungen und Schnittfiles.Zuschnitt: Genaues Zuschneiden der Kohlefasermatten mittels eines CNC-Cutters.Entgittern: Heraustrennen der einzeln zugeschnittenen Bögen.Laminieren: Schichtweises Laminieren der einzelnen Lagen in die Formen anhand der Ply Books.Härten: Komprimierung des Laminats und Härtung des Harzsystems unter Druck und Temperatur im gasdichten Autoklaven.Montage: Zusammenfügen der einzelnen Elemente zur Baugruppe unter Verwendung spezifischer Klebetechniken.
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ax-lightness – one-of-a-kind lightweight bicycle construction

From the carbon fork to the carbon handlebar to the complete carbon racing bike: ax-lightness from Upper Franconia, Germany is the number one manufacturer of lightweight bicycles and components thanks to the company's wide range of carbon products. Why carbon? The individual components of carbon bicycles offer ultimate stability with superior performance and are extremely lightweight. Page through the website to discover the amazing diversity of carbon bicycles from ax-lightness.

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