Handmade & custom made in Germany

ax-lightness means innovation, state of the art technology, precision, passion and absolute expertise in the composite sector.
Since 2000 products of the highest quality and performance are crafted in elaborate manual labour in our manufacture.

With our new production site in Duderstadt, Lower Saxony, we are expanding our production area to a total of 4,000 square meters.

In the next two years, we will be able to create a total of approximately 120 new jobs in all areas of the company and thus contribute to strengthening the economy in the region.

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ax-lightness – one-of-a-kind lightweight bicycle construction

From the carbon fork to the carbon handlebar to the complete carbon racing bike: ax-lightness from Upper Franconia, Germany is the number one manufacturer of lightweight bicycles and components thanks to the company's wide range of carbon products. Why carbon? The individual components of carbon bicycles offer ultimate stability with superior performance and are extremely lightweight. Page through the website to discover the amazing diversity of carbon bicycles from ax-lightness.

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